South African Cultural Gospel Choir UK

Workshops in Schools

South African Cultural Gospel Choir UK is also a company who specialise in workshops for schools, colleges and blue chip companies, the workshops are devised around:
. Story Telling
. South African Dance
. African Drums
. African Folk Songs & Chanting
. Street Jazz
. Gospel Singing

The Workshops are led by well experienced leader Luyanda Lennox Jezile, and focus on the following:
. Team Work
. Communication
. Listening Skills
. Focus and rhythm


"South African Dance Experience"
A South African Dance Experience' is an exciting dance workshop for teachers which allows them to learn and discover new and creative ways to learn South African dance and storytelling. The workshops are led by Luyanda Lennox Jezile, who was born in South Africa and is well accustomed to the rituals, stories and dances of mystic Southern Africa.

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